Empowering your brand

improve operational efficiency, integrate value-chain data and optimize your route to market

Hyperlocal retailer integration

Our technology model leverages hyperlocal retail stores as advanced logistics hubs for brands digital sales channels

Enabling first party data insights

Data is the new oil. Get closer to your end-user promoting your supply chain. Consumer preferences, habits and feedback only "one-click away"

Route to market lab

Understand how core variables imply consumption, retailers and distributors. We built the RTM lab suite for your sales team

Trusted by leading brands in the CPG world



Food & Beverages

Proven results

Performance highlights

Average delivery time

01 Hour

Expanding reach

Serving Curitiba, São Paulo, Porto Alegre, Campinas, Fortaleza, Osasco, Guarulhos, Belo Horizonte.

Digital market-share growth

Clients experience up to a 5% increase.

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